EZZYRITA-Carrier Based Consortia(800Gm)

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It has highly beneficial for soil-fertility management, integrated diseases management, nutrient Management, pest management and biological nitrogen fixation activity phosphate solubilizing, activity & potassium mobilizing activity.


§  It fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to plants.

§  Phosphate solubilizing bacteria present in capsule secretes organic acids-mallic acid, succinic acid, gluconic acid, keto-Gluconic acid  etc. convert complex phosphorus into phosphate and make available to plant.

§  The potash mobilizing bacteria release potash from soil lattice and make available to plants.




Viable Count

CFU minimum  Azotobacter 1x107 cells per g                                                                                          CFU minimum  PSB 1x107 cells  per g                                                                                                             CFU minimum  KMB 1x107 cells  per g

Particle size

All material shall pass through 0.15 to 0.212 mm IS sieve

Total viable count

CFU minimum  3x107 cells per gm of carrier

Moisture Percent By Weight

30 - 40 %


No contamination at 10-4 dilution for carrier based inoculants

Efficiency Character


The efficiency character of individual microorganisms to be determined as mentioned in case of individual biofertilizers through quantitative estimation methods.


§  Soil Treatment Mix 4 kg of  of EZZYRITA  with 50 kg Powder In/Cow Dung/ Vermi Compost/Soil. Blend well and broadcast it over one acre of land before last ploughing or first irrigation.

§  Seed Treatment 250 gm of EZZYRITA  with 10 to 15 kg of seed.

§  For Tree Treatment Mix 10 gm of EZZYRITA  with 1 kg  of  soil/compost/FYM  and apply it  directly at the root zone of individual trees or vines early in the season


It is recommended for all crops like Vegetable , Leafy Vegetable, Tuber Vegetable, Fruit tree, Paddy, Tea, Coconut & Rubber etc.

STOTAGE  Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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